Silk is a natural and delicate fabric that requires special care. Please follow this care guide to ensure your silks stay smooth, shiny and looking good for years.


  • use a special ph neutral detergent (silk shampoo)
  • add the appropriate dose of a mild detergent ( avoid overdose!)
  • wash in a room temperature water
  • wash separately with similar colors
  • rinse it out with cold water
  • go for delicate cycle (cold water) if you are using a washing machine
  • iron inside out on a low temperature setting
  • use the same detergent you use for your jeans 
  • wash it in a hot water 
  • bleach it
  • tumble it dry
  • wring or twist it 
  • put it to a direct sunlight
  • spray silk with perfume (directly on fabric)
  • let your loved ones sleep on cotton


Treat the stains before washing by applying the small amount of detergent directly to stains and if needed to areas like underarms or necklines. Massage gently as rubbing one spot too much can lighten the fabric. Go for washing.


It’s worth investing in a mesh bag to protect your silk items from tangling or getting caught on other items during the wash. Don’t wash silk and delicate fabric with heavy pieces of clothing like jeans. Make sure you dont overload the machine. ALWAYS use special silk/delicates detergent and control the dose of it. Choose the delicate cycle and  the shortest spin cycle and wash on the temperature not more than 30 C. Hang garment or lay flat to dry. NEVER dry in direct sunlight as it may cause the damage of the fabric and fading.


Handwashing is the gentlest way to clean and preserve the beauty of silk. We do recommend to choose handwash for accessories and intimates.

Take a basin or use the sink and fill it with lukewarm to cold water. Mix in a few drops of gentle detergent and stir it. Soak your silks for 3-5 minutes. Use your hands and move the garment up and down in the water gently to remove any dirt. Run cool water through items until rinse water is no longer soapy. Do not wring or twist. Gently press the water out of your garment between your hands or against the basin/sink.

If there is color in the water, don’t worry!  It is simply the yarn releasing dye. You will not notice any loss of color in the fabric when you are done with washing. Use a towel to absorb excess of water from your silk garment, but don’t rub or agitate it. Hang the garment or lay flat to dry. NEVER dry in direct sunlight as it may cause the damage of fabric and fading.


Put the item flat in its natural shape or hang to dry. If hanging to dry, make sure to position the garment properly to prevent stretching.

ALWAYS steam or iron to remove wrinkles and refresh the natural luster of the fabric after washing. Silk must be damp before ironing. Turn the item inside out and use an iron on a low heat setting with steam.