TEYA embodies the idea of everyday aesthetics and self-love. Pure silk is the core element of our concept, which is synonymous with luxury and sensuousness. At TEYA we believe that through appreciating the magic properties of silk and the way it makes your skin feel, the quality of self-perception and the value of time spent with oneself changes for the better. Our mission is to bring exquisite delicacy to everyday rituals and sleep habits. Each piece of the collection is a thing of beauty, carefully crafted to last and be treasured.
TEYA stands for environmentally responsible, ethical production and a mindful approach to every step of the process. Our atelier is based in Warsaw, Poland. Local artisans handcraft each item with love and care to every detail. We produce everything in limited quantities or on demand, therefore we guarantee superior quality of each piece and exclude the problem of overproduction.

Join us in our silk journey!