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As science is increasingly telling us – the importance of sleep is being seriously underestimated today. Every day we try to squeeze more and more into our hectic schedules, often leaving a mere 5-6 hours for our sleep. Phrases like «sleep is for the weak», «I haven't slept for 2 days», «I’m surviving on my 5th cup of coffee» are often spoken with pride and even a sense of achievement. The Cosmetic Industry produces tons of products that basically try to hide or erase the signs of poor sleep. It seems we would rather invest half of our income in «8 hour sleep effect cream» instead of actually having a good night's sleep. Here at TEYA we don't believe in boasting about our lack of sleep or investing in expensive cover-ups! Sleep is, after all, a vital element of our physical and mental health. Good sleep helps you live a longer, happier, and more productive life. It can't be substituted by a healthy diet, expensive cosmetics or by a personal workout program. There is nothing as important as getting enough and the right kind of sleep. So that's why TEYA is here to bring the very best for your bed and help you sleep more and better.



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