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If You need a custom size of a pillowcase, we will be happy to produce it special for You.

Simply contact us, providing the needed size/color and we’ll get back to You as soon as possible.

Please note: a custom size order requires 3-5 business days to process before shipping.


At TEYA we believe that simple, meaningful gestures like gift-giving build a strong connection between the company, Your employees and clients, as it shows the real care. With our sublime pure silk gifts, we create a warm, lasting impression that will make Your business more memorable and rewarding. Corporate gifting from TEYA is always a perfect combination of branding, elegance and sophistication.

TEYA offers:

  • the most thoughtful gifts for Your clients and employees
  • premium quality
  • package/products customization/personalization
  • personal touch: custom made envelopes, logos, messages of gratitude/congratulations
  • tailored visual support (photography/videography)
  • worldwide shipping

We are always flexible to Your needs.


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